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Project :: Highlander seat replacement.
Project :: Yamaha Snowmobile seat restoration.
Project :: Searay restoration.
Project :: Polaris seat restoration.
The original cover for this motorcycle seat was weathered and torn due to age (Picture 1).  The cover was removed and new, denser foam was added and contoured for rider comfort.  The seat was then reupholstered with a new cover.
Project Motorcycle Seats
This was a total reconstruction job.  Pictures 1 – 4 show the original interior.  It was torn and weathered. The foam was deteriorating and the wood was rotted.  After the seats were taken apart a new wood frame was made.
Project Speedboat
The entire interior of this XJS was redone with the exception of the passenger seat. These photos show the extent of the work that must be done to perform such a job. Pictures 1, 2 & 3 show the interior with the seats, door panels, rugs and consol removed. Pictures 4 & 5 show the new door panels and rugs ready for installation.
Project Jaguar XJS
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